Bold As A Lion

Taking Dominion of Your Territory

Take a minute and think about your life. Are you satisfied with your results? Are you comfortable and experiencing good health, strong relationships, and abundance?  If not…why not?

Do you realize that God commanded us, His Children, to take full authority of everything on this earth, especially our personal lives and to be fruitful? He also commanded us in Genesis 1:28 to “subdue” or tame our world to meet our needs.  Each of us has the power and authority to create our own experience if we will obey God’s law and believe His Word.

If you are not getting the results that you desire (and God says you deserve) it is time to change. Change your mind; change your actions; change your words, and you will change your world and your personal experience.  It’s as simple as that. It’s not a process, it’s an action – just do it! You can choose to make it a full process, but remember processes take time. Since time is our most valuable asset, we need not spend it developing and working through a process. We need but to submit to God’s Word and walk in it – starting this very moment.  In this way, we can take dominion of the territory that God has already given to us.

Our example is Joshua.  God gave His People a promised land; a land of milk and honey – which represents prosperity in every area of our lives.  The milk is for our health and the honey or joy and financial security for our spirit. When God gave them dominion of this territory, He did not notify the natives of the land that they were being evicted. This meant that Joshua, as a leader, would have to fight for his domain.  This is what we must do today if we are to live in financial abundance – we must fight for it. Just like Joshua, we have to march right up to the enemy and deal with it face to face. But the Word of Truth tells us that our Father commanded and promised us “do not be afraid of them, I have given them into your hand. Not one of them will be able to withstand you (Joshua 10:7-9).” Victory is already ours!

Joshua 10:7-9

It is our time to take dominion of our territory.  It matters not if it is our family, our health or our businesses, we can all achieve powerful results. Remember two important things – we are not alone and God has given us favor over our enemies.  There is no reason for us to fear or be dismayed.  We just have to do it!

I recently joined a fabulous network marketing company to use as a vehicle to build wealth and to live out my dream of helping people develop strong businesses. Initially, I was faced with all types of rejection and objections. Many people had many things to say that may discourage the common mind, however, all it did was make me more determined to succeed, to ensure that my team succeeded and to prove them wrong.  It helped me create a slogan – “Where God is leading me is into GREATNESS, and you can take that to the bank. If you want to get paid you can come along with me.”

I am confident that if I seek God’s wisdom, favor and His way of doing things, I will take hold of my dominion and tame it to meet my needs. Each day I am so excited to get started with my day because I don’t know how it will end, but I know that the internal greatness, power and influence that God created in me will allow me to achieve all my goals and teach others to do the same.

I encourage you, if you are not satisfied or comfortable with the results that you are seeing in your life, do everything that you can to take dominion of the territory that God has given you the authority to rule.

Here are a few things that you can do to begin taking authority and creating your own experience:

  1.  Assess the areas of your life and give them a grade on a scale of one to ten. One being – this is not working for me to ten being – I am really proud of myself. Areas that you can review include: spirituality, emotions, character, health, family relationships, romance, social life, educational achievements, career/business, financial, contribution to society and recreation.  Once you give a grade to these areas of your life, ask yourself two questions:
  2. Why did I give this area of my life this grade?
  3. What can I do to make it a ten (if it’s not a ten)?

Once you have completed this exercise, get moving! Do what needs to be done to take dominion YOUR territory.

  1. Get a personal development or business coach. Look for someone who has achieved what you want to achieve either mentally, spiritually, and/or financially. They will be able to share with you best practices and help you navigate through your action plan with a healthy level of accountability. They will pour into you the wisdom and help you build the strength you need to be successful.
  2. Keep your options open. Now is the time to survey the land of opportunity. Don’t shy away from things because of what people have said in the past. Do your due diligence and find out the facts for yourself or from a source that you trust. Remember, in any area of your life, you will have people tell you negative things that are meant to prevent you from moving forward. Please consider the source. People who have failed at a thing are really telling you about their failures – not that thing. They cannot predict what your experience will be. As I am learning from my new business opportunity, I create my success.  It is best to get the information from someone who has succeeded in that area, catch hold of the big picture and potential and try something new. After all, what you have been doing is giving you the results that you are experience now.
  3. Take action! My mentor taught me that one of the biggest lies we are told in this society is that before we can do a thing successfully, we first must know how to do that thing. Unless you are performing brain surgery or some other delicate process, your experience will teach you exactly what you need to know to do that thing and do it well. Just do it! The more you do, the more you learn. And the beautiful thing about learning as you do is that you probably will retain the lessons after your first wrong turn. Life and experience is absolutely the best teacher.
  4. Evaluate your thinking. More than anything else, remember that success begins in your mind. When you take hold of the Word of Truth, you will see that it is very different from the words you hear from the world, on the news or from many of your friends and family. Ensure that you believe what God says rather than the doubters and naysayers.  What they say should have nothing to do with your decisions.  You are God’s greatest creation and you can perform great things because of the greatness that is created on the inside of you. Believe it and your perspective will change. When your perspective changes, your decisions change. When your decisions change, your actions change. When your actions change, your life changes – for the better.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life and it can be the day that you take dominion of your territory. From this point on, promise yourself that you will bear the fruit of the Kingdom as a witness to the entire world. You want everyone to know that you are a Child of the Most High God. Your life should show the evidence that God has found favor in you and that you are walking in the blessings God gave you when He created you (Genesis 1:28). It is our duty to be healthy, joyous, and rich.  After all, the King is our Father. What prince or princess do you know who is weak, depressed, and poor?

There is no better day than today for the Children of God to take dominion of their territory.

Charly The Pear Founder of GODS4US