Week Day Devotionals

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Thank you for visiting the GODS4US Week Day Devotionals page. These messages have been going out faithfully since May 2020 and with God’s help, will continue for a long time. If you have been receiving these messages of hope, I pray that you have found them uplifting and I ask that you share them with others who you feel may find them beneficial. 

Unfortunately, the number of individual texts I send each morning has increased exponentially and I am no longer able to handle sending 80+ individual messages. Effective January 2, 2023, I will be making changes to how they are delivered to you. 

If you have been receiving them in the past, they will continue as long as you opt-in to receive them. If you are new here, you can opt in to be added to the list. Simply click the pink button and complete the contact form.

Additionally, you can choose to view them on our Facebook Page. Simply like and follow our page and you will be notified when they are posted. 

Psalm 37:4

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Happy New Year!

We would like to help you start your year on a positive note so we disigned this beautiful 12-month calendar with some of the most beautiful encouraging scriptues from the Bible. Each month you can focus on a verse that will help you increase your faith and power to enhance your life.

Please feel free to down load your copy invite people to visit our site to download one for themselves.


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