Text Message Greeting Cards

Text Message Greeting Cards

True convenience and no more stamps and envelopes.

Since we know that more people use their cell phones more than they check their mailbox, we decided to set up a marketplace where you can create a custom text message greeting card that will be delivered to your phone for you to send out to your friends and family.

Here you will have the option of selecting from a variety of occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and major holidays. You then can then select the image that you would like for your text message greeting card. And finally, you can type a custom message, or select from a list of scriptures. Within 48 hours, your purchase will be delivered to your phone and you can download it and send it when the time is right.

How It Works

Select Your Design

Choose from one of a selection of background images to set the foundation
of your greeting card.

Select Your Content

Select a message based the occasion for your card or you can add your text that you want included on your card.

Make Your Payment

Securely make your payment via PayPal using the payment method of your choice; no Paypal account necessary.