GODS4US Christian Videos

GODS4U is on YouTube

That’s right! GODS4US has expanded to the YouTube platform. The objective is to position our messages of hope where almost anyone in the world has access to them. We are new to video production but our goal is to distribute professional, thought-provoking videos that uplift, inspire and remind us of the hope we have in Jesus.

Some of the videos we produce on the GODS4US YouTube channel involve popular conversations where we take a Biblical perspective and explore what the Bible teaches us about a matter. We believe that everything we need to know to be godly people is found within the pages of our personal letter from God – the Bible. We seek it first before we listen to anyone else. It is our source for answers related to living a good life and enjoying the promises of God. We study hard and then we present what we have learned to our wonderful viewers. You can watch our featured videos here, but we recommend that you visit us on YouTube. There you can subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell so you won’t miss any of our upcoming videos.

If you are curious about the Bible or if you have questions about a particular topic, we invite you to submit your questions either in the comment section of the GODS4US YouTube channel or by visiting our Contact Us web page and use the form found there. Either way, we want to know what’s important to you and what topics you want us to discuss.