If God Is For Me Where Is He When I Need Him

If God Is for Me, Where Is He When I Need Him?

In the midst of trouble, heartbreak, and confusion, it is easy to ask, “Where is God when I need Him?”  In the darkness of life, it may seem as if God is not with you.  When you feel alone and need a hand to hold or a shoulder to lean on, we often look for God and just can’t seem to see Him.  When we are experiencing a rough patch, facing huge challenges or dealing with rejection, and we see no way out, we seek relief from God and it is as if He does not hear our cry.  That’s when we ask the question, “If God is for me, where is He when I need Him?”

But – know this – GODS4US…and here is some proof!

Take these three things into consideration before you resolve that God is not for you:

  1. God is Spirit – Because God is Spirit, His ways of communicating and acting on our behalf will not always manifest in a way that we expect.  His presence may not always be obvious, especially if we are caught up in emotions.  God does not always react because of our emotions, but rather according to His promises.  Do you know all that He has promised?  If not, why not?  He has given us His Word and within the pages of the Bible, God’s promises are available for us to draw upon.  Often the spiritual manifestation that becomes our solution is wrapped in our belief in God’s promises.  According to Biblegateway.com, there are 5,467 promises of God.  You can read them if you Click Here.  Grab a handful and commit them to memory, and then put your trust in them.  When you are experiencing a rough patch, call them out loud and watch them become truth in your life. This is a spiritual act and as God is Spirit, they will work spiritually in your life because GODS4US.

  2. Listen to The Voice – Have you ever made a decision and acted on that decision only to regret it? Do you remember saying to yourself, “I knew I should have…?”  Often, that first thought is The Voice of God leading, guiding and instructing you about the next move to take and you missed it.  If you are anything like me, you have done this a thousand times.  But about 12 years ago, I trained myself to hear and follow The Voice.  Many times, we are so set on doing things our own way that we don’t recognize The Voice until it is too late.  I became totally aware of the still, soft voice and I started listening to it.  I found that solutions, ideas and inspiration were coming from The Voice.  I also found that if I was praying or asking God a question, I needed to be silent following my request and listen carefully for The Voice.  Try this and see if you don’t find the answers to your prayers.  I bet you will, because GODS4US.

  3. Have Faith – When God promised that He would never leave you and never forsake you, Jesus fulfilled that promise when He sent us our comforter – The Holy Spirit. Do you seek comfort from The Holy Spirit?  After all, He is God’s presence on this earth today.  He can become your very best friend if you invite Him to be.  Many times, we overlook the presence of God thorough His Spirit. What great benefits we are missing. The Holy Spirit can be our protection if we ask Him to go with us.  He can be our friend when we are lonely.  He can even provide solutions if we will seek and follow Him.  All of these things are done through faith.  We all know that without faith, it is impossible to please God. How can you expect God to help you when you doubt His abilities, negate His presence, and wonder if He hears you?  Faith is your key to the highest quality of life on earth and Jesus sent The Holy Spirit to help us attain just such a life.  Have faith and believe that you are never alone by petitioning the help of The Holy Spirit and watch the difference in your life because GODS4US. 

Yes, GODS4US, even though life is no bed of roses.  There will be trials and tribulation throughout, but if you seek God spiritually by latching onto His promises you will see them manifested in your life.  If you listen for The Voice, you will have the answers you seek, and if you have unwavering faith and invite The Holy Spirit into your life, you can expect the help you are seeking.  Then you won’t have to ask yourself, “If God is for me, where is He when I need Him.”  You will know with confidence that He is with you, He hears your cry, and He has sent the answers you seek because GODS4US.

Charly The Pear Founder of GODS4US